MLink Technologies® delivers powerful learning solutions driven by your business goals, your marketing strategies, your performance objectives and your competitive differentiators.


MLink develops interactive online learning with effective design, media and LMS integration. Our development and quality assurance methodologies and execution are unequalled – we offer 30+ years in the industry in instructional design, graphic/media design and interactive course development.

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Mobile Learning

Clients often request custom learning for delivery on multiple platforms – mobile and PC. Our talented designers and technologists work together to design rich learning experiences suitable for cross-platform (HTML5) delivery on IOS, Android and Windows devices.

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MLink designs minimal to extensive game mechanics and rewards for learners that motivate learning activity toward skill achievements supporting business performance objectives. We design worthy challenges within a narrative journey for continuity and a cohesive experience.

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Performance Simulation

Performance simulations with decision or action branching provide experience, practice, context, continuity of tasks, decision-making, immersion, and realistic natural consequences for complex skills transfer to the job. Software and machine simulations develop “how to” skills.

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Encourage learning and transformation through creative modalities that integrate learning and performance. Our approach combines multiple deliverables, modalities and media into a learning ecosystem that is creative, authentic and emphasizes need-based “learn by doing” and performance outcomes.

Animation Production

MLink creates animated videos using illustrations, animations, photos and other visual images rather than derived from a video “shoot.” They introduce, orient, explain, and motivate learners through storytelling: engaging and moving images accompanied by voice-over. An animated video often provides a “big” picture or holistic view that provide context for more detailed learning activities. “Explainer videos” fall into this category.

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Video Services

Video is a creative and compelling media, whether it's stand-alone or integrated with interactive on-line learning. MLink provides in-house studio capability and equipment: scripting, studio or on-location production, editing and web-ready publication.

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Large-Scale Projects

MLink designs, develops and manages large-scale projects composed of multiple deliverables, media, courses and audiences. We thrive with multiple teams working simultaneously on multiple deliverables. Our integrated design teams, tight project coordination, frequent communication with clients and proven processes ensure successful outcomes.

Performance Support

Mlink creates tools specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with one’s work to facilitate and optimize performance, serving as dynamic reference support or on-line “job aids” for complex tasks.

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Instructor-Led Training

We create robust instructor-led training programs that fully engage learners. Incorporating fun, realistic and challenging games in group learning helps promote retention and behavior change.

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Global Learning Localization

MLink designs, develops and manages learning localization and translation services for our global clients in 30+ languages. Our development and quality assurance processes ensure an efficient and cost-effective localization process.